Now, We Can Put An End to the Wildland Fire Disasters Around The World Savings Lives, The Environment and Properties

Aerial X Equipment’s STRIKER AIRBORNE FIRE ENGINE™  is the first airborne platform that produces homogeneous high expansion class A foam. This enables it to become the first aerial WILDLAND FIRE SUPPRESSION force multiplier with unique capabilities and a range of capacities.


The Striker Airborne Fire Engine™ is the Only
Wildland Fire Suppression System in the World that Delivers:

High Expansion Foam

The Striker produces high quality foam at variable expansion ratios between 2:1 to 20:1 (Wet-Dry foam). The resultant foam is comparable to that which is produced by a ground Class A Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS). 

Foam Line Construction

The Striker is the only aerial system capable of delivering high volumes of Class A foam which allows the pilot to produce foam line at variable depths.  Airspeed, altitude, and Striker settings enable the pilot to build the line commensurate with fire intensity, fuel type, and in consideration of wind and topographic factors.


Suppressant Combinations

The Striker is capable of dropping a combination of different fire suppressant modalities. The fire manager or pilot can choose Wet Foam, Dry Foam, Salvo Water Drop, Foam Line Construction, Mist, and/or Rain Like Water Droplets from a single drop or series of split drops based on aerial drop objectives. For example, the Striker is capable of dropping a Wet Foam and Dry Foam at the same time protecting the tree crowns while penetrating the canopy to wet the forest floor.

Salvo & Spot Drop

The Striker can also produce high-energy, high impact salvo spot drops identical to helicopter water tank & buckets. A pure water salvo drop or a highly concentrated, fixed hover foam drop are available to the pilot.

Rain On Demand

The Striker exceeds the capability of any aerial systems by its ability to produce light rain effect. This feature is applicable in re-wetting the foam or water enhancer extending its effectiveness and decreasing the fire intensity. Also, Light fuels and sensitive ground resources benefit from this feature.


Cooling Mist

The Striker has the option of converting all the water tank load to a mist (a very fine water droplet size) in seconds.  Increasing humidity and pre-treating light fuels is highly effective.  A single load of water can be distributed over a wide area using this highly water conservative capability.

Water Enhancer

The Striker has the optional capability of mixing and dropping a safe, biodegradable, and measured Water Enhancer with more precise drop accuracy from a safe altitude.

Split Drops & Data Collection

The Striker systems are highly capable and accurate, which enables the pilot to make highly repeatable, volume specific, individual drops. This capability lessens pilot workload while in the low level, hover environment.


The Striker Airborne Fire Engineis a Highly Cost-Effective Wildland Fire Suppression System

The Striker Airborne Fire EngineRange Of Capabilities


compared to competitors with only 2X

The Striker Airborne Fire Engine Wildland Firefighting Effectiveness


compared to other aerial platforms


Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter With Striker 1-Heavy TechnologyVs 3,000 US Gals Helitank
Drop Length and Coverage


The Highly Efficient and Effect Striker Airborne Fire Engineis the Key To Reducing Wildland Fire Costs Globally


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The Striker Airborne Fire Engine™

Produces A Drop Coverage LevelThat Far Exceeds All Other Aerial Firefighting Technologies