Global Elimination Of Wildland Fire Disasters By 2030


To keep providing firefighters around the world with the most innovative technologies and methods to combat any wildland fire in the most safe, effective, efficient, and practical ways.

Founder Statement

With passion, determination, and hard work, we have achieved our goal of finding the best solution to combat and suppress the relentless, raging, and destructive wildland fires. 

Every time we hear about the unstoppable distractive wildland fire, our hearts sink. We kept asking ourselves why there are no effective solutions to stop these raging fires. Finally, on Black Saturday of 2009, deadly and damaging bushfires that ravaged Australia, we decided to do something. 

We determined to develop the best method to combat and suppress wildland fire effectively and efficiently. The path was not easy; however, we are proud to introduce you to the Striker Airborne Fire Engine, the long-awaited answer.

Dr. Oubada Hawass,
Founder & CEO

Marwa Nadr,
Founder & President


Dr. Oubada Hawass MD, CCFP

Founder & CEO

Marwa Nadr, BSc, MKTG

Founder & President

Harlan Johnson

Contracts & Business Development, Chief Contracting Officer for the DOI, USA (ret.)

Lee Benson, Pilot

Los Angeles Chief Pilot (ret.), Helicopter and Aviation Consultant

Adam Mostafa – BScEng, PMP, EMBA, MBA

Chief Business Consultant

Michel Bussiers, Pilot

Chief Aerial Firefighting Pilot, Long-line & Safety Training Instructor

Atul Mehra, CA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Carson Sutten, Pilot

Aerial Firefighting & Testing Pilot

S. Sobhan, M.E. Eng, PhD

Senior Mechatronic Engineer

G. Kamyar, AE Eng

Aerospace Engineer



Global Market

Larger scale production and scheduled delivery of Striker I Heavy™ and Striker III™ to USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe.


Government Acquisition

On July 2020, the Striker Airborne Fire Engine™ Model SII-24 was delivered to Natural Resources Canada for the Canadian government.


Production & Government Partnership

Partnership between Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) and Natural Resources of Canada partnership to advance the Striker Airborne Fire Engine™ Technology. Interior Ministry (Federal), USA and State of Colorado exhibit Striker™ System acquisition intention.


System Validation

The first full system aerial firefighting prototype and flight mission validation. Striker Airborne Fire Engine™ product manufacturing begins.


Proof of Concept

Successful development of the Advance Aerial wild land firefighting technology and proof of concept.


Scientific Research Phase

Wildfire containment system scientific research & analytical process underway and experimental technology study completion.


Founder Meeting

Dr. Oubada Hawass and Marwa Nadr established a goal to find the solution for global wildfire disasters. Phases and milestones are set and an execution plan is created.


Black Saturday Bushfires

Australia’s all-time worst bushfire disasters in 2009

Aerial X Equipment Made the Unattainable Attainable

As a diligent and innovative company, Aerial X Equipment has:

  • Developed and manufactured the first-ever a high-expansion aerial foam delivery system and used by any helicopter.
  • Selected a safe, biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly solution to combat wildfires using products from the US Forestry Department Qualified Products Lists (QPL) .
  • Designed the best system with unmatched aerial delivery capabilities, including the ability to drop a high-expansion class A foam, perform water spot drops, shoot cooling mist, and drop water enhancer on wildland fires from a single machine.
  • Repeatedly demonstrated the best drop pattern results, including the highest in drop coverage level and longest in drop pattern.
  • Developed an easy-to-use system with versatility and adaptability in mind.
  • Advanced the Striker Airborne Fire Engine technology in partnership with the Federal Natural Resources Canada (NRC) and National Research Council Canada (NRCC).
  • Working with the State of California, the State of Colorado, the US Interior Ministry, and the Canadian Government to incorporate this advanced technology to combat small and large scale wildfires.

Advancing Wildland Firefighting Technology

Testing Facility Ottawa

Aerial X Facility

Preparation for Striker II Flight Mission

Striker III Direct Firefighting Attack

Mission Success