Dr. Oubada Hawass MD, CCFP

Founder & CEO

Marwa Nadr, BSc, MKTG

Founder & President

Hazel McCallion, CM OOnt

Chief Advisor for Canada

Harlan Johnson

Contracts & Business Development, Chief Contracting Officer for the DOI, USA (ret.)

Lee Benson

Los Angeles Chief Pilot (ret.), Helicopter and Aviation Consultant

William Hans Schmidt, CD. UK. OSM

Procurement and Logistics Consultant

Michel Bussiers, Pilot

Chief Aerial Firefighting Pilot, Long-line & Safety Training Instructor

Carson Sutten, Pilot

Aerial Firefighting & Testing Pilot

S. Sobhan, M.E. Eng, PhD

Senior Mechatronic Engineer

Ryley Karl. AE Eng

Aerospace Engineering Consultant

Keegan Karl. M.E. Eng

Mechanical Engineering Consultant

River Karl. Comp/Elec Eng

Computer/Electrical Engineering Consultant

Adam Mostafa – BScEng, PMP, EMBA, MBA

Chief Business Consultant

Atul Mehra, CA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Charles Goodwin, Hons. PDM, PMPG

Project & Administration Manager

Partnerships, Affiliations, & Supporters